Music Studio Live
Studio Quality Recordings from Your Live Practice Sessions and Stage Performances !
CD Quality tracks from your practice session or live performance.

Record in a private session or at a regular performance.

Find out about recording your session at "54 West" in Graham NC.

Exceptional Service

They say that you can't have it fast, on budget, and good (you can only pick two).  We try to be the exception. We love a great rock band, and get just as excited about an individual acoustic artist. Check out some tracks on the "sounds" page.

Meeting Your  Needs through Mobility

We bring the studio to you. Some of the best music ever made happens during practice sessions and live performances.  Music Studio Live will set up to record in your practice space, or at your live show, or at the "54 West" music venue in Graham NC. 

Music Studio Live is Small and Local

When you hire Music Studio Live, you hire musicians with technical savvy who know where you are coming from.  

Check out some mixes !

Here you will find some mp3 mixes from Music Studio Live.

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Comments from our Friends and Clients

I wanted to thank you for the recordings at Billsborough. Those two tracks have been instrumental in helping us book gigs. We would consider ourselves lucky to have you come out and record us or even just come to dance and listen again.    
                      The Dr. Bacon Band

I utilized Music Studios Live to record our band Squier Red & The Blues Band playing live at Bynum Front Porch for our first album. I was so impressed with the end result! Thanks so much for your excellent work recording and mixing our CD " An Expected End". Its sales on Itunes,Google Music,cdbaby and Amazon music have paid for it's production costs and sounds excellent!

                       Squier Red

Bob it sounds fantastic.
                        Jonathon Byrd

Thank you so much...can u send me the name and number to that voice coach person u was telling me about ?